1 in 3 adults don’t get enough sleep

(poor health is associated with poor sleep quality)

Dream Water is here to help!

With our SleepStat ™ Natural Blend

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The Key to Restful Sleep

Maintain a regular sleep schedule
Limit caffeine intake
Omit daytime naps
Avoid alcohol, nicotine and excessive eating near bedtime
Finish exercising at least 2-3 hours before going to sleep
Enjoy a hot shower or bath
Reduce evening light exposure (TV, computer)
Keep your sleep environment dark and cool
Listen to calming music or other soothing sounds
Enjoy a Dream Water

Take Dream Water when...

You need that "extra" push getting to sleep
Here’s what you do: Take one Dream Water shot or... +

Here’s what you do: Take one Dream Water shot or powder stick approx. 30 minutes before you want to slip off into some well-deserved sleep (although individual times may vary).

You can get to sleep, but can't stay there
Try keeping Dream Water by your bed... +

Try keeping Dream Water by your bed. When you wake up during the night, drink down your delicious bedside treat. Dream Water’s SleepStat™ Natural Blend is designed to help get you back to sleep, in approximately 30 minutes… No TV required!

You travel frequently and need to get some sleep
Enjoy a stick or shot approximately 30... +

Enjoy a stick or shot approximately 30 minutes before take off or before getting in bed anywhere you are.

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